Can you, hear me right now!!!
Ch 2x -11
Can you, hear me right now, Can you, hear me right now, yo politics
Can you, hear me right now, that’s what it is right now(sing)

VI 31-113
445 I go live, day 2, new year, I still ride, what, you expect me, let that bullshit slide, aware of our history, know they lied, go to church pray, just to survive, in this misery, billions have died, so its plain to see, we fight to survive, control America, like apartheid, the same play in every book, 4th down, 4 inches, nigga, just look, outside shinin’, inside shook, took the mind, & body like a crook, we so damn street & cant read a book, beefin back and forth helpin out the crook, back & bout my business in my own playbook, yea I keep it real, in between the hook
Ch 2x
VII 134-215
Deep meditation, feel sensation, no hesitation, mental migration, from slave nation, where yo documentation, children die everyday cause of starvation, sexual molestation, must be mistaken, I ain’t contemplatin’, passing legislation, GOD ain’t sleep, you have no clue, what I might do, 911 pt. 2, my word is spoken how I’m feelin right now, really, I feel so alive right now, could it be my time right now, spirit tellin me, its my time right now, Putin warring on Rap right now, like his shit in his country is right, right now, nothin’ to somethin’ & back, right now, KG copin wit stress time to blow right now

Ch 2x
VIII 236-
Before a great artist, been a great fan, one artist one mic, you can’t understand, used think talkin shit was the lick, knowledge of self, opened my eyes to some other shit, feeling this way back when, now Im wondering, where I been, brain washed wit money, image, & sin? sellin’ musical souls, is how it usually ends that shit you talkin, I really can’t hear right now, I’m gone sit back and chill, right now, ain’t worth fuckin off a mill(ion) right now, make my own deal, what it is, right now, old school, slo-flo right now, what it is, what it do right now, I shine bright, like a light right now, let them bells ring in the back right now